A meteorite just landed on your Farm and is infecting the wildlife! Protect and gather your crops while you fend off hordes of mutant bunnies!

This game was made as an entry into a game jam. The theme was Time, and we incorporated it by the survival aspect of the gameplay and how the rabbits will continue to spawn until the round's timer is over.


As part of the Game Jam rules, our code has been made public, and the github link can be found here. All assets that were not created by us have been documented and can be found in the file within the repository. We developed this game for the web using the BabylonJS engine, using the TypeScript programming language.


  • Eric Benn
  • Brian Sweet
  • A.J. Mestre


  • Zach Hixson
  • Shane "Woody" Wodele

Special Thanks

  • Andrew McClain Hanold

How to Play

We support both desktop and mobile web browsers for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. On desktop, we support mouse and keyboard, as well as Xbox and PlayStation controllers. On mobile, input is done through virtual joysticks that show up on the screen that will act similarly to the left and right analog stick of a standard controller.

The goal of the game is to fend off as many rabbits as possible, while collecting and depositing carrots into the Siren that can then be used to upgrade the farmer's stats (health, damage, gathering speed, movement speed). Stabbers come straight for you with carrot shivs while protecting the Nabbers as they steal your carrots. Watch out, though! If they get their bounty to a burrow, a Super Stabber will appear!


  • Movement: WASD
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Fire: Left Mouse Button
  • Pause: P or Pause Button
  • Open Upgrade Menu (Siren): E

Xbox Controller

  • Movement: Left Analog Stick
  • Rotate: Right Analog Stick
  • Fire: Right Trigger
  • Pause: Start
  • Open Upgrade Menu (Siren): A

PS4 Controller

  • Movement: Left Analog Stick
  • Rotate: Right Analog Stick
  • Fire: R2
  • Pause: Options
  • Open Upgrade Menu (Siren): X


  • Movement: Virtual Left Stick (Blue)
  • Rotate: Virtual Right Stick (Red)
  • Fire: Auto (While Rotating)
  • Pause: Tap Pause Button
  • Open Upgrade Menu (Siren): Tap Siren
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Authorsericbroberic, Brian Sweet, albinochicken, zhixson, MisplayJ
GenreAction, Shooter, Survival
Tags3D, babylonjs, Game Jam, Twin Stick Shooter